Until 31 December 2016


Delivery by electronic data transmission of the application for VAT refund by taxable persons in the same calendar year, in another Member State or in a third country (in this case on paper), where the amount to be refunded exceeds € 400 And for a period of not less than three consecutive months, as referred to in Decree-Law no. 186/2009 of 12 August.


Settlement, by electronic transmission of data, and payment of the Single Tax of Circulation (IUC), on vehicles whose anniversary of registration takes place this month.
Taxable persons who are not covered by the obligation set forth in paragraph 10 of article 19 of the LGT may also request settlement in any Finance Department.


Sending by the city councils, by electronic transmission, the elements related to the constitution, approval, alteration or reception, occurred in the previous month:
– Building permits, building permits, architectural plans of the buildings corresponding to the final screens, demolition and works permits, requests for surveys, completion dates of buildings and their improvements or occupation, as well as all the necessary elements Evaluation of buildings;
– Plots of the urban agglomerations to the available scale where the toponymy is recorded;
– Prior notification of installation, modification or closure of establishments provided for in no. 1 of article 2 of Decree-Law no. 48 // 2011, of April 1, carried out pursuant to that law;
– Operating licenses of establishments related to industrial activities.