About Us


Inforegisto is a company providing services in the area of accounting and business management. It is Vocationada to support any type of companies regardless of their activity and size.


Founded in 1993, we have 20 years of experience and we highlight the experience, but also the youth and the dynamics of the younger employees.


Inforegisto is constantly looking for quality, efficiency and innovation in the provision of its services, aiming at becoming a differentiated and top company in its sector and that its customers recognize it as an added value for their business, for their Knowledge and trust in all their services performed.

For this, Inforegisto uses a team of qualified collaborators and makes protocols with partners in several areas, that take on policies of rigor, confidence and professionalism.

Our mission is to respond quickly, objectively and reliably to the information needs that our clients put us on a daily basis. It is to support our customers in decision making and management in their companies for their success and growth in the increasingly competitive markets.



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